2014 Teacher Summer Institute

Our Teacher Summer Institute is a wonderful way for innovative teachers to immerse themselves in a week of practical learning and curriculum design. The week focuses on Inquiry, Project-Based Learning, and Technology-Enriched Learning.The Summer Institute will be experiential and participatory. Teachers will be exposed to a wide range of model projects and methods and will use this information to design their own lessons and units. The Institute will be a combination of larger discussions of teaching and learning combined with practical applications and experiences that will directly transfer to classroom settings.

According to a past participants:

“This has been the singular most important piece of development I have ever had the privilege of attending.”

“The instructors were kind, caring, insightful and guided us through the process of taking our ideas and transforming them into something new. This is a course for any educator, new, seasoned, supervisor or administrator!”

Please consider attending and/or help publicize the Institute to other educators!

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