Spring 2014 Final Portfolios

My 10th graders recently submitted their final portfolios. As I read the portfolios a sense of accomplishment and pride is tangible. For others the portfolios are a poignant moment of reflection as they realize they achieved less than what they are capable of.

Overall I appreciate the thoughtfulness, insights, and honesty as we wrap up our year together and students synthesize the parts of our course that were most meaningful to them. I wrote about the portfolio process in an earlier Edutopia post.

Here are some excerpts that stood out from the 2014 portfolios:

My general understandings of the course are that creativity is built with experience and imagination, and in order for one to understand oneself, they must step outside their comfort zone to build a better self-sense of everything around them. – Kevin

What I take away doesn’t have to do with the material and the topics, but rather with the way the material was presented and the learning style of the class and SLA as a whole. – Zack

Sometimes, speaking up is the difference between complete success and absolute failure. – Heaven

One thing I took out of this year’s history course is that we cannot wait for others to do what we want.  – Andrew

I have come to understand that collaboration requires patience and organization. – Joe

I realized that belief systems should not influence basic human rights. – Angel

Over the course of the year, world history has taught me that the only way to truly understand yourself is to go out of your comfort zone. – Kara

This year, I learned that self identity is very important, and if you’re not comfortable with who you are (or at least accepting), then you’ll never be satisfied. – Lindsey

Looking back at my history class, my classmates and I did a great job of creating a quality education for ourselves… I found that community was extremely important in our history class. – Mali

Development comes over time. Change never shows right away, it is a process. – Amirah

Throughout the year I’ve learned what hope and dreams can do for a society. – Jasmin

Overall this year has been successful, because whenever you can take the knowledge you have received and place it on other things in your life, that class truly has changed your perspective and identity. – Kadija

This year, I found myself thinking about my surroundings and how I affect the world rather than how the world affects me. – Stephanie


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