Creation, Collaboration, and Dance

It is my honor to collaborate with the Leah Stein Dance Company. Over many years of working together, we have developed practices and pedagogy that allow students to explore movement, creativity, and performance.

This year, LSDC dancers are teaching a year-long dance elective at SLA. The process has been challenging and rewarding. The course introduces students to a new vocabulary of movement and techniques for creating site-specific dance. In the months ahead the high school students will begin working with elders and young children as they teach and facilitate, using the new skills they acquired.

In December, the SLA students performed pieces they created that incorporate sounds and movements from elders, youth, and teenagers. As always, the element of public performance raised the quality of student work and deepened the commitment and engagement of the students.

Check out the final products!

You can see another piece here and a third one here.

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