More from the Re-PLACE-ing Project

Our collaboration with The Painted Bride Art Center was a wonderful opportunity for students to design and create thoughtful, sometimes quirky, Field Notes that met the Re-PLACE-ing Project goals of an expanded archive of cultural memory that includes multiple histories. I love their project description — it reads like the guides I write for student projects:

[T]his project utilizes art-making as a lens for viewing the city and its history, examining the geography of Philadelphia and its complex histories as a basis for exploring relevant issues.

Because this collaboration allowed for student choice, encouraged meaningful inquiry, and integrated an authentic audience, there are many quality examples of student work to share. Maybe best of all is the fact that student Field Notes are on the site, side-by-side with the work of well-known artists and other Philly folks.

You might start by viewing Dylan’s Street Note on patterns and his walk to school;  Joe’s short documentary on Philly neighborhoods, connections, and contrasts; Saul’s note on Stationary Objects (ever think about all those spots on the sidewalk?); or Esperanza’s Sound Note on Philly Waves.

You can visit the Re-PLACE-ing site for other Field Notes already up on the site (even more will be published over the next two weeks). Student work is also highlighted in Primary Sources, the handbook that was published as part of the project.

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