Modern Day de Tocquevilles (in a pandemic!) and more..

At the end of a year of online teaching, in the midst of exhaustion and disorientation, I feel grateful for all that my students offered me throughout the year. I felt the struggle of building a nurturing, collaborative community online. Whenever I hit a low point, students stepped up, helping me and the group find ways to support each other and deepen learning.

Highlights from the year included Poetry Portfolios, podcasts about Community and Connection, a unit on Work and Consumerism that culmination with an Amazon Trial, and a playwriting project.

In US History our final unit was an inquiry into the state of democracy in America. The unit culminated with students writing chapters as Modern Day de Tocquevilles (a project that I have done in the past and will undoubtedly continue to update and use in the future). Below are some of the chapters that students created this year. I am so proud of these students and inspired by the complexity of their work. Enjoy!

Anti-Asian Hate (Alonso)

Capitalism: The Ultimate Destroyer of a Democracy (Isa)

Music and Social Change (Mya)

The Internet and Sectarianism (Sasha)

Police Misconduct (Jade)

Democracy & Corporate America (Mira)

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