2015 Final Portfolios

I believe strongly in ending the school year with meaning even though this is challenging in the midst of the messy last days of a school year. Final portfolios provide a path for students to process their learning from a year while creating a product unique to them and their learning experience. I wrote about the process in an earlier Edutopia post.
Here are some quotes that stood out from this year’s portfolio essays:

In order to understand yourself you have to find out what you 
believe in and what impact you want to have on the world…. By learning about revolutions, global wealth/inequality, climate change, religions, the age of exploration, the Renaissance/Enlightenment, and so much more I have thought deeply about what kind of person I want to be and how can the actions that I make have an impact on the world.
– Ameena
I would to conclude by saying this class was more than retaining knowledge just for the sake of knowledge. This class helped me learn and explore by asking questions and looking for deeper meanings.
– Izzy
One major thing I learned is to be more compassionate and considerate. In many projects at the beginning, I was very firm in my POV, and didn’t change it. Now, at the end of the year, with exposure to many different events in the world, I am beginning to loosen down on my POV, and am very accepting of other’s thoughts.
– Zeshawn
To conclude, there is not a specifically correct way to conduct a movement, revolution, or cause. The actions of the people change depend upon the situation that they are in and the goal that they want to achieve. If they are desperate, they may use violence. But if they are patient and resilient they may use non­violence. 
– Gabby
One lesson in particular that I am glad that I learned was with creativity, I can do amazing work. When teachers give students creative process, they give them a chance to express themselves and their knowledge to create something both meaningful and thoughtful.
– Brandon

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