Immigration Profile Projects

My 12th Grade Globalization students finished their Immigration Profile Projects! Our investigation of immigration had provided a compelling reason to tell these often unheard stories. We were all moved by the films Documented and Farmingville. Enuma Okoro’s essay A Return to Nigeria led to an interesting discussion about connection to place. Concurrent to the profile projects students read Global Fiction. Last year I wrote about some of the inspiration for the project and some other resources in an earlier post.

The process this year included multiple obstacles which is the norm for real world work that takes students beyond classroom walls. Despite the obstacles students persevered and managed to create work that is insightful and often poignant. You can view Love, Culturally Divided; The College Educated Tofu WorkerMohammad’s America, Opportunity, and 5812.32 Miles.

It has been an honor to work with such thoughtful, talented, and reflective young people on this project.


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